Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting started

I am working on getting this blog officially up and running. Seriously...I don't run. Unless someone is chasing me. :0 I will blogging like a blog'o'maniac before its said and done, I'm sure.

I run an Etsy store along with my ultra-cool husband (and his famous mustache).

You may have heard of us lately. There has been some hype over this little'ol painting called

Barack Obacca..yes, that is Ryan's creation. It was featured on the Star Wars blog (and those star wars fans totally get it) and many numerous blogs and twitters and so on. That painting started all for me or because of me. I am a 35 year old woman who is totally in love with Chewbacca. Yup...I admit it...I did it all for the Wookie! And, I also happen to be one of the meeelions of Americans totally in love and 100% supporting of our new President Barack Obama. So...Ryan being the creative genius that he is...he combined the two and so you have...The coolest Wookie meets The Coolest President. He is the man to get us through!
There have been some negative things said about the painting. And I won't go into that because this painting was brought about through fun, and love and creativeness, and there were NO negative thoughts involved. Art should be different and fun, and controversial. Art is not safe. And my husband is a TRUE artist. Anyway...if you know know it's all cool.

Check out Barack Obacca

Stop by and shop with us. We make cool stuff we like, and hope that some people come along that dig the coolness.



marin said...

welcome to the wonderful world of blogging :)

BellaSmiles said...

Thank you!

bikimiki said...

Hello Bella! I visited your shop and I think you have one of a kind designs! I like the Rokin Red Bow Vintage Gold Purse =)

BellaSmiles said...

Thanks, bikimiki. i have so much fun crafting goodies for our shop on etsy. love it.